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Make This V-Day Special

Do you want to take your romantic relationship with someone to the next level? Are you dating someone and you want to be his or her boyfriend or girlfriend already? If yes is your answer then you ought to make Valentine’s Day between you two extra special. Instead of just going out and having a date, you may want to confess your feelings to a person. When you do, though, you ought to present something that can represent your positive emotions or intentions. Aside from that, you should go to a place where you could establish an atmosphere that can give you the opportunity to let your love feel that he or she is truly cared for. For practicality, you may want to go on a date where you both could eat and be comfortable. If possible, you should not only decide on a nice place to dine in but also bring some foods that could be connected to love and passion. For you to have more details regarding the recommendations that were outlined, you should read on.

Valentine’s Day only comes once in a year and it’s typically associated with love. For you not to be lonely on the said day and possibly be in a relationship with someone whom you care about deeply, you could try talking to the person that you like and then asking him or her out on a date. Of course, you would only be able to inform someone that you want to spend time with him or her when you’d literally express your thoughts to the said person. Before you set a date for the two of you, however, you may want to look for a good spot where both of you could not only eat but have a great time doing things. You could visit an amusement park if there’s one near you or you could just go to a restaurant that you think could make you two comfortable and really pleased with eating food. If you’ve picked a food establishment and aren’t confident about what they’re serving, you could bring some extra food items that you can share with your partner. However, before you do that, you have to make sure that the restaurant that you’ve chosen allows the bringing of outside foods in. Surely enough, though, no food service would complain about you bringing with you chocolates and sweets during Valentine’s Day so you may want to get some that are tasty to impress the person who’s going to go on a date with you.

Aside from bringing your date to a fine place and then having some foods that can improve mood, you may want to give the person a gift. If you want to, you could get the individual a stuffed animal which is perfect for hugs. However, if you can afford to do so and are truly about being in a long-term relationship with someone, you could hand over a ring. You don’t necessarily have to get for your guy or girl a diamond ring if you think that such is pricey because you could go for the substitute which is CZ. However, before getting any, you may want to compare zirconias first to pick the best for the occasion.

How To Find Valuable Scrap Metals

With the price of metals rising these days, it’s surprising to find out that most appliances and electronics are actually made with valuable metals. The old appliances that are usually thrown out to the trash can be disassembled by anyone with a few tools. You can then harvest out copper, brass, zinc, even silver Bullion. If you know anyone who is renovating their house or wants to send their appliances and electronics to the scrap yard just for the value of the steel, volunteer to take it off their hands and you can get some extra money out of it in addition to selling the steel to the scrap yard after you’ve removed the valuable metals from it.

Most appliances and electronics will have a good bit of copper wire inside. Old fashioned large computer monitors will have a large amount of copper wire inside them, as well as stoves, refrigerators, desktop computers, washers and dryers, and dishwashers. For most appliances, this will be high grade 75% copper wire. Large CRT televisions also have a good amount of copper. While copper isn’t worth as much as other metals, it can be easily found in those old appliances that are outdated and starting to not be worth repairing. You can start a copper pile in a secure location and take it all down to the scrap yard for a nice pay day down the road.

Brass is another metal that is worth taking out of appliances before you sell them off to the scrap yard. Many people have brass door knobs or drawer pulls, and shooting ranges may allow you to pick up used brass shells for free. Once cleaned, these can all be scrapped for brass. While you’re clearing out the copper of those old major appliances, most of the connectors that connect the copper wire are also made of brass. Brass isn’t worth as much a copper, but with metal prices constantly inflating, it could be a good investment to keep around.

Scrap silver is by far worth the much, and also a bit harder to find. If you live in a big area, it may be worth your time to buy a small pocket-sized scale and head to yard sales. Look for any old, tarnished jewelry that may be made of silver and weigh to verify. Estate sales are great for this. Make sure and also ask the owner if they have any tarnished jewelry or silverware that might be silver, they may not have thought to sell it because of its ugly appearance. Also, if there has been a very recent spike in silver prices, you can usually find silver for sale cheaper at thrift stores that priced their items at silver value days or weeks ago. Many electronics also have small amounts of silver contacts in them that can be recovered. These may not be high quality silver, and it’s recommended that if you try and also recover silver from the appliances and electronics you’re scrapping that you get a silver tester.

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